Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hardwood Floor Installation in Rockland County

Once you have hardwood floors installed in Rockland County, unfortunately you need to do more than sit and watch your property value grow. The wood floor experts at Majestic Floors Inc have released a list of tips and inside hints in order to help you take care of your floor both as a critical part of the house and a huge investment in the future of your home.

  • Do not use vinegar or acid-based cleaners to remove stains or marks from your wood floor. Bleach, detergents, polishes or oil soaps can all wear away the finish of the floor and do permanent damage.
  • If you allow water or wet spots to stand on the floor, you will see rings just like leaving a glass on a wood surface. Protect your wood by putting down area rugs and mats in high-traffic areas and watching rain and water from plants.
  • If you have a pet, trim the nails to prevent scratching on the surface. Along this line of reasoning, covering exposed legs of furniture with pads and wrapping up metal feet that can scrape will save your floor a great deal of abuse.
  • Vacuum and mop your floor regularly in order to cut down on dust particles that can sink between the cracks or scrape the top of the floor.

These are some tips that can get you on your way when you are worried about hardwood floors in Rockland County. Majestic Floors Inc has the tools and experience to provide you with any wood floor service that you need.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Wood Floors in Sloatsburg NY

Are you looking for wood floors in Sloatsburg? Majestic Floors Inc is a professional hardwood flooring company that is fully licensed and insured. Our professional technicians are highly skilled and experienced to perform any wood flooring installations or repairs. We use state of the art dustless flooring technology that allows us to provide extremely quick sanding. We can be in and out of your home or business before you know it.

Majestic Floors Inc performs many types of Sloatsburg wood floor services, including:

  • Hardwood flooring installation
  • Refinishing wood floors
  • Dustless wood floor sanding
  • Wood floor repair
  • Marble and ceramic tile installation
  • Stair covering
  • Stair tread replacement
  • Flush mounted floor vents
  • Deck sanding

If your hardwood floors have gaps or splits in the boards, Majestic Floors Inc can fix or replace any of you have hardwood floors. Even if you take perfect care of your floors, they will gradually accumulate scuffs and scratches. They will need to be sanded from time to time. We provide high quality sanding that will enable you to walk on your floors as soon as possible.

If you would like any more information on our wood floor services in Sloatsburg, call Majestic Floors Inc at 201-739-1145 for a free quote.