Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wood Floor Sanding In Rockland County, NY

Are you in need of wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY? At Majestic Floors, our expert wood floor contractors offer dustless wood floor sanding services for an affordable price. Our dustless sanding system is "99.9% efficient at capturing dusts as small as .5 microns". This means that you do not have to worry about covering up your walls, furniture, or other valuables before we come, because the dust usually associated with sanding projects will be siphoned off to a separate compartment that we will dispose of.

If you have a hardwood floor, it is good that you do wood floor sanding to maintain the durability of your floors and also maintain the beautiful look of your home. Majestic Floors specializes in these kinds of services. Our expert floor contractors have the experience to complete the job with reliability in a timely manner.

Wood floor sanding is removing the top and the mostly rough surface of a wooden floor by sanding with a rough material. This process is done in three separate stages, preparation, sanding and coating. Majestic Floors uses a specialized machine to significantly cut down the dust associated with this process, including the polyurethane dust which can cause severe allergic reactions and even respiratory problems.

Our wood floor contractors begin wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY by sanding the farthest corner of the room away from the door. We then load the sander with the suitable grit sandpaper and start the sanding process by moving along the grain on the floor one row at a time. After we are done with the center, we will sand the edges and the corners.

After the sanding process is finished, the coating process commences. You can also use a screening paper to buff the floor. Buffing will help smooth the rough surfaces that feel rough after the sanding process. You can also choose change the color of your floor by staining, but this is not a must.

For more information about our wood floor sanding in Rockland County, NY, call Majestic Floors today.