Monday, February 27, 2012

Rockland County NY Hardwood Floor Maintenance

The upcoming spring brings with it warmer weather, decluttering and barbecues. For some, spring cleaning is more than welcome; it's a chance to toss out the old and bring in something new. For others, it's the dreaded realization that more things than you thought are old, difficult to repair, and simply need replacing. While furniture can be reupholstered, windows can be replaced, what do you do about a faded, scratched hardwood floor? What's your Rockland County NY hardwood floor maintenance plan?

Hardwood flooring is gorgeous and long lasting, but for some it can be difficult to keep in good condition.  Unfortunately, hardwood floor can scratch and even absorb moisture.  If you leave even a small puddle of water on hardwood flooring for long enough, the cracks in the wood can soak up that moisture and swell.  You can do your best to clean with minimal moisture, keeping your mop just slightly damp; enough to let your cleaning products do their job, but when you run out of maintenance plans and ideas, a Rockland County hardwood floor maintenance company can step in for installation, repairs, and other maintenance needs.

Pets can easily leave scratches in hardwood flooring if they like to run around, play and paw.  Certain kinds of shoes can leave indents in hardwood, and even the legs and feet of furniture can scuff hardwood floors.  We can try tricks here and there to slow the wear on our hardwood floors, like taking off high heels before walking around in the house or placing area rugs beneath furniture, but natural wear is normal.  Seeking professional maintenance for hardwood floors is normal, too!  Majestic Hardwood Floor maintenance company in Rockland County is an affordable company providing service for jobs of any size.

A great hardwood floor maintenance plan is to have your floors refinished at least once a decade to keep the natural wood protected and looking brand new for a lifetime.  It's never too early or too late into your hardwood floor's damage to contact a professional Rockland hardwood floor maintenance company like Majestic Floor Inc.  A service request can be made easily online at or over the phone at (845) 356-1144. Call or click today for service quickly, professionally and at no hassle to you.