Friday, June 7, 2013

Wood Floor Refinishing in Rockland County

In time, the shine on your floor will eventually fade. That does not mean that you need to get a whole new hardwood floor. Majestic Floors Inc specializes in providing hardwood floors and  refinishing wood floors in Rockland County. This is a great way to give your floors a brand new appearance without having to install new flooring.

If you do need brand new wood floors installed, we do that too. We provide any hardwood flooring service that needs to be done, including installation, sanding, repairs and wood floor refinishing in Rockland County.

Our services are for hardwood floors as well as decks. Experts would advise sanding over power washing, as the high pressure from power washing can damage your deck. We use state-of-the-art sanding technology that eliminates airborne dust particles. This allows us to have a very rapid cleanup time.

Majestic Floors Inc additionally helps to restore hardwood stairways. This includes stair coverings and tread replacement. We also provide both marble and ceramic tile installation. We always check the quality of the subfloor and make sure that the floor is even before we perform any services for you. If you would like more information on our Rockland County wood floor refinishing or any other services, call us at 201-739-1145.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wood Floors in Bergen County Transform Appearance of Homes

Wood floors in Bergen County, New Jersey are timeless. They allow for functionality and flexibility when it comes to designing and decorating homes because of their classic appearance. If you are interested in installing hardwood floors, or if you require repair and refinishing services, the professionals at Majestic Floors Inc. can accomplish the job for you.

At Majestic Floors Inc., our professionals have had years of experience. Any of our Bergen County wood floor services we complete for you are fully insured and guaranteed.

Whether you are just getting wood floors for the first time, or if you have had them for years, it is important to understand just how vital it is to preserve them. Over time, hardwood floors can acquire scratches and scuff marks, become stained or can crack. For this reason, we provide sanding and dustless wood floor sanding, installation, refinishing and repair services and stair coverings and tread replacements for all Bergen County hardwood floors.

No matter where your hardwood floors are – outside as a deck or throughout the inside of your home – you can count on our professionals to provide you with whatever services you may need to restore your floors back to their original state. We want to make your home look and feel like new, and by installing, repairing or refinishing your floors, we can do just that!

For more information about the services Majestic Floors Inc. provides for wood floors in Bergen County, contact us today at 201-739-1145.