Friday, November 29, 2013

Installing Wood Floors in Rockland County

Whether you have a new home or an older home, installing wood floors in Rockland County adds so much. Often people are concerned with how pets can impact their decision to install hardwood floors. It is possible to own both, and these tips will show you how:

  • Making sure your dog's nails are trimmed – there are many ways you can do this, most groomers and vets will do it. You can do it at home too, but make sure it is a pleasant part of your pets life. Teach your dog to associate nail trimming with things he/she loves and take it slow and easy. 
  • Area rugs – Adding area rugs and runners to areas your pet frequently traffics will reduce the effects on the floor and on your dog as well. Cats are more suited for hardwood floors, but some dogs have a hard time with it. Bigger dogs tend to develop hip problems, which hardwood floors will only exacerbate.
  • The type of wood – This plays a major part in how the floor will stand up to your furry family members. Brazilian walnut is a hard, dense wood that will stand up to your pets for a long time. Discuss this with your designer or flooring contractor before installation. 

When finding a contractor, check to see they offer a dustless installation system. Not only will this be much safer for your pets, it makes your life easier. Majestic Floors specializes in dustless hardwood floor installation in Rockland County and offers many other hardwood floor services.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wood Floor Installation in Rockland County

Wood floors are a beautiful cosmetic upgrade to your home with amazing characteristics for great looks and extreme durability. When you get these wood floors installed in Rockland County, there are a number of ways to ensure that the clean-up after the installation is as minimal as possible for you. Majestic Floors Inc offers options for easy cleaning after a wood floor installation in Rockland County that are unmatched in the industry.

Dustless wood floor installation in Rockland County is a great way to cut down on cleaning after your floors are put in. This method cuts down on airborne dust particles and leaves minimal dusting and sweeping to be done before your home is spotless again. Another option for an easy floor sweeping is to have Majestic Floor Inc bring a specialized dump truck to cart away all of the remaining pieces and scraps from the floor. Ours is one of the only companies in the area to include clean-up service with the floor installation package.

For more information, speak with a wood floor expert today by calling 201-739-1145.

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