Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dustless Hardwood Floor Contractor Rockland County NY

When it comes to refinishing your hardwood floor, a lot of dust is collected in the process of sanding. This is not just a health hazard but also takes too long to rid your house of the dust. Luckily, there is dustless hardwood refinishing that gets rid of the dust as the work continues. Thus, there is no dust left at the end of the floor refinishing process. We at Majestic Floors Inc would like to demystify the process and explain what a dustless hardwood floor contractor in Rockland county NY does.

During the refinishing process, the dustless hardwood floor contractor comes with powerful vacuum equipment that gets rid of the dust as it is being produced. The vacuum equipment is usually mounted on a truck. Be wary of the floor contractors that turn up with portable vacuum equipment. The portable equipment only has a fraction of the power that is needed to clear way the dust generated during the floor refinishing.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Contractor Rockland County NY 
To ensure quality finish on the wood, the contractor usually does one seal coat and about three finish coats. The seal coat is sometimes replaced with a stain coat. This because staining seals the pieces of wood better that using a seal coat. Staining not only gives color to your hardwood floor, but it also penetrates at the joints and seals the pieces of wood.

A while back contractors used to use an oil-based poly to finish the hardwood floor. However, over the years, it has been discovered that oil based polymers are very toxic and inconvenient for the wooden floor. Nowadays, wood-based floor finish is the most popular as it is safe, durable and convenient.

Sanding is usually done to get rid of the surface imperfections that occur due to wear, tear, and damage. If you go for the sandless method, these flaws are left on the surface of the wood, and the place still looks bad. Sanding is mostly concentrated in high-traffic areas such as along the doorways as they take lots of abuse from the foot traffic. When hardwood floor refinishing is done perfectly, your floor can look good for several years down the line.

Ensure that you hire a qualified dustless hardwood floor contractor for the refinishing work Not only do you have not dust to worry about, but the quality of the work done cannot be replicated when doing it on your own. Hardwood floor refinishing is an art that is perfected by years of experience. The more experienced the contractor is at the area, the better the quality of work produced. All of our contractors at Majestic Floors Inc have years and years of experience and will not let you down.

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