Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding in Wyckoff NJ

Majestic Floors Inc. is a fully licensed and insured hardwood flooring company that services Rockland County NY as well as Bergen County NJ. We offer any type of service you may need in order to repair, enhance or install wood floors. These wood floor services will maintain and increase the quality of your wood floors at an affordable price. Our wood floor technicians use the latest techniques, tools and equipment to get the job done. One flooring service these technicians specialize in is dustless wood floor sanding in Wyckoff NJ.

There are many benefits of dustless wood floor sanding. With this flooring service comes the decrease of airborne wood dust that may cause damage to sensitive electronics and home furniture as well as your own health. The dust that comes about from sanding can increase chances of allergies and asthma attacks but the dustless wood floor sanding in Wyckoff NJ stops this chance from ever happening. The lack of wood dust also means that the clean-up is much easier after the sanding is completed.

At Majestic Flooring Inc. we have two main goals: to complete the flooring service and leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. The Wyckoff NJ dustless wood flooring service is 99.9% efficient at capturing dust as small as .5 microns. This means that you do not have to take excessive measures to covers your walls, furniture or other valuables because there will not be much dust escaping. After we are finished sanding your floors, we will remove the collected dust and dispose of it ourselves so that you can set back, relax and enjoy your new floors.

For more information on Wyckoff NJ dustless wood flooring by Majestic Flooring Inc., call us today at (201) 739-1145.