Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wood Floor Sanding in Ramsey, NJ

Over the years, floor sanding has been proved to be a tough job to do it yourself. With all the specialization of sanding, restoration, supply, and installation needed when dealing with the wood floor it makes wood floor sanding tougher. In other instances, the high quality of wooden floors that come in a variety of colors and finishes compromises the sanding process. With over a decade of extensive experience and hard work in wood floor sanding services, we can confidently say we are a leading wood floor sanding company. During the years we at Majestic Floors Inc have offered our services to thousands of clients with coming to the realization that clients rely on expectations for no compromise in quality and durability. Today we’d like to discuss what you can expect from our wood floor sanding in Ramsey,NJ.
Wood Floor Sanding in Ramsey, NJ
Wood floor sanding
Using the latest dust-capturing sanding equipment, we employ our techniques to help in the restoration of your wood floor. With us, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up dust. Once we finish our services, your timber surfaced will be collected and restored to its natural look.

What to expect from our services
We sand all solid floors from wood block floors, strip- floors, cork floor, parquet, and floorboards. All the above-named wood floor can be damaged or broken. We can seal all the damaging with as many coats as it requires and restores it. We use modern methods and machinery to provide a uniform, smooth and authentic finish for your wood floor.

Renovation of engineered floor
Most homeowners are choosing an engineered floor as the most popular choice. It is designed to give them a natural real wood feeling and helps avoid contraction of solid wood that can be damaging in certain environments. We know about the structure and the wide variety of this type of flooring that helps us approach to sanding it. Choosing our sanding services for your engineered wood gives you an assurance to your property.

Once we prepare and we have sanded, stained and gap filled your wood floor to perfection, we do the final job and seal the bare wood surface. We use a wide range of professional products for your wood floor finishing. We make sure all the process of wood floor sanding is professionally done to avoid any inconveniences, accomplishing wonderful results. Whether it’s hardwood floor such as mahogany, oak or beech or softwood floor like pine, we know that your wooden floor is an investment that appreciates with time and we do our best to restore your floor in the best shape possible.

For more information about our wood floor sanding in Ramsey NJ, please call us at Majestic Floors Inc today at 201-739-1145. One of our wood floor sanding experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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